About Nice Uplights

L.E.D’s Without Limits…
This is no-nonsense uplighting.

Bright Light Output
Our uplighters are professional grade with a 2100 lumen output that is brighter than most pro level wired and wireless L.E.D’s in the industry. Along with the standard red, green and blue color mixing elements, we introduce a high output white component enabling endless possibilities of colors and shades!

Superior Control
Each unit is individually and wirelessly controlled allowing for dynamic and creative lightshows. You won’t be forced to have an entire room or exterior building façade of just one color. We can control the event "on the fly" using professional lighting protocols. Custom color schemes, dimming and chases are no trouble at all. If you can dream it, we can create it!

Outdoor Or Indoor Events
Out fixtures are IP65 rated for both indoor and outdoor events. Don’t worry if a few clouds roll in, we’ve got you covered. We won’t panic. Your show will still go on!

Long Battery Life
Our uplighters can operate from 8 to 14 hours on a full charge. Your event will look as good at the close as it did on the reveal.

Wireless Is Sexy…
The sleek, low profile design of our uplighters is aesthetically pleasing. They will compliment your design scheme, not distract from it. All of the electronics are internal. There are no visible antennas or controls. You can even choose the color of the outer housing to match your décor! Standard colors are white or chrome or you can customize the outer shell color to match your event’s specific needs!

Be Seen And Not Heard
Our staff is professional and discreet. Always in appropriate attire, we will maintain the integrity of your lighting elements without interfering with your event. Contact us today to discuss your vision…